Our products:

Solar & Wind
Off Grid & Grid Tie Systems, Design & Installation.
Sustainable Living
Integration of NRG, Agro & Waste Management to create Sustainable Communities & Homesteading.
One The Move
Complete Green Power Portable Systems. Individual, Commercial & Industrial Applications.
Sustainable Future Tech
We are consistently Researching & Designing Innovative NRG Solutions for now & future.


We believe that we can make a difference by helping industry and communities turn waste into energy, liabilities into assets, and cleaner energy opportunities into reality. At G Power Systems, we strive to accomplish this by participating in economically viable projects that transition energy use toward a sustainable future.

Gpower Systems is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm of Engineers, Designers, Builders & Food Production specialists providing project management and technical expertise to energy sector clients. Our experience in solar, wind, biomass & geo geothermal power, bio-fuel production, hydro, and other alternative science allows the Clean Energy team to deliver safe, efficient, and reliable projects.